The Spilling of a Broken Persona

What Has Been Said, and Said Again

Winds blown winding words
Of faith created blends bled
Into the minds of few that heard
Whispers of the spirits dead
Between the trees,
Between the dreams
We wish to pray,
We wish to live
These days of life through
Pain ahead of joyous play to give
Our lives a life to hold instead
Manipulate all holy words dread,
Man made interpretation disgust to torment
For madmen dreams political madness,
Control to freeze the human progress.
Between so lies some such so free
Shaman anew within this age 
Industry techno militant wizardry,
Starving out the sickening gruel
Force fed upon a world bitter fed,
Believed by all for betterment
To justify its cause for dead.
Where amongst the lands to be
Such person mind as far and flee?
Tastes sweet the spirits dark and dizzy
Energy bereft of social ill might,
Right to touch there light to see
Such people believed are here,
Quite simply seen as you and me,
If only pause in time beyond do we,
For quiet is all
To walk anon concordantly.
Breathe sweet,
Breathe deep,
Such routes within breathe in
A walk of ancients path retreat,
Peace of when a cold world conceived
Itself to death so genuinely,
Succinctly matched a cycle true,
Beauty grand beyond the vein.
Humanity lives but briefly through.

Crossings Uncrossed

Bummer (but not bad)

No debt, yet
      A broken lighter!

   I feel like a hippopotamus
          In the big city,

The green grass
   Cannot be enjoyed.