Dream of a Street Corner

Ebony Ink, Canvas Life

Glaring eyes mine stare straight,
Penetrating deep the contorted beauty
My attempt has created,
My vision grows blurry with memories,
Pain becoming a reminder of me,
Waking the dreams of past love lost.

Never such am I so blind,
Self jaded when I
Hand create the multiple worlds aligned
Of self-sacrificing eyes,
A black inked horizon fare
Brazened upon my forehead flared.

Ebony upon canvas flesh,
A stretched mind's child reflecting
What once I saw before my eyes began
To dream of the world before sunrises,
The world before breath,
Dark life pulsing bright to live,
Creation made manifest the art's life.

Away quick the ink swift lest to drip
Darkness unlimited in placement,
Just enough to be enough writhing,
Retreat my hand,
My impetus,
My roaring mind of fantasy fair,
Enhancing sweet the metaphor's call,
Memory pain and life in between,
Poisoned bliss is the beauty
Shown deep as the painted myths of my time.