The Tree

The tree so green
Summer's rain weeps clean
As leaves shimmer sparkle slight
Light bled upon branches long
Tight bark wound round unseen
Roots deep as family strong
This tree to me speaks lovingly
Breathing out my breathing in
A roost for fowl and home

For creatures ungrounded to roam
A wonder of fauna free
So do I dream upon its being
By being a tree
A tree so green
As life leaves so too
Do leaves leave eventually
And still a plant to return
Unlike me

Humanity one chance around
This reminder lovingly
To grow and develop in maturity
Properly if we all could be
So green as this tree
For never so fortunate
To stay and live longer
But appreciate shall I
All that is given to me to be

As I see all of me in this tree
Greened humanity if only
Awakened to see
Such beauty that simply
Tends mindlessly
To its own life so free
This green living tree
Wet with the rains
Of natural security