Untitled #3


Sweet glanced seductive zeal
Her soft white skin in sunshine appeal
And the eyes of my heart stare deep
Into enchanted light touches
Words pour from subtle lips red
Cheek flushed as I approach in sigh
Her smile breathes bravely anxious
Buxomly anticipation aware
Dear nervousness pulse I do achieve
Yet unto her eyes do mine fixed actively stare
Rhythmic breath patterns passion we
Share hope for the upcoming moment
Together alone most wanted is found
One another away together and bound
Together one magic connection aloud
Body to body to spirit beyond
Again and again the whole world stopped
Again to embrace our hearts beat atop
The passions of ravage to long which become
Dismissive pleasures together as one
The deep taste of her soft charming kiss
Feelings beyond what bodies demand
Soar down into soothing sleep blissful lulls
Into the dawn that arrives through the mist
Bears witness to the Sun all can see
The afterglow of this rousing night dream
Emblazons my eyes upon viewing
The intersection of Beauty away
Her sleeping glow skin beneath the Sun
Light beaming in glory this love will remain
Forever together in Life no refrain

Flag Furling (Cleveland Wind)

It Finally Rains

It finally rains
The city cools down its harsh painful heat
A rain that pushes many to shelters made meek
Few stay together and most move to solitude
As if a midnight summer music interlude
Broke down to a 4 act cooling of a burning play
Sweet rain
It has finally rained today!

Trees of Winter's Mist

Depressing the Burdens

I shall write,
Grant me the time continuous frame,
Until the night draws an end,
Sunrise the key will release
Me to freedom then set forth,
Forever caught in carved stone,
My lone eye open
The chisel,
It carves thought outward,
Thoughts naught yet projected,
Looks beyond primary lusts,
Needs for greed mistrust,
Uncontrolled yet not
Controlled, captured free
I've been captured deep,
Writing left time to go
Alone save for penmanship,
Sunken ink consents control,
Damn sin of the alcohol.