Dragon (Sketched Black)

Wet Wax

Wet wax melt drips
down my finger
tips to tingling
stinging adoration
of moist fire
in sensuous
upon my hand
I wince!

The Body Plastic

Blossoming Sunshine

Where else but here
would divine eyes seek
between two lovers held sweet
true passion, no fear
a dear magick meek
spellbound cast
the circle keep
red roses bloom early
in eyes of blossom
Spring rising
Sun surprising
casts beams of clouded light
upon our kiss
upon our flesh
upon our souls true love
crying joy into palms
each other’s opened wide
embracing Sun life
in our embrace do we
share in body one mind above
painting our broken reality
one moment in Love
the circle complete
lines carved deep
this spell known
quite simply as
we keep and dream
together together
burning in the Spring Sun
Sun burning with Love
shines on
shines on