The Moon Rock


Differences ours,
So soon will pass,
As we make amends
And listen.

Souls sound connected
Should not slip away,
Indifference small,
Important to say,

Such sweet as Life short,
Each moment fades away,
When breath chooses arguing
To breathing sweet Love astray.

A friendship such,
What living proof,
Two people who share
Differences in truth.

So sorry opinions mine
Taste sour to you,
Despite such still
You know my heart true,

Too short this life,
Too short is our bliss,
Making all difference positive
Before Love's amiss!

A Peak

Locating Tonality (Voice)

My voice how much it sings
Yet to ring that tone
Universal harmony
Only strains myself swift
For short are such abilities
Though practice a benefit
Only dear passion can sustain
The effort of the proper key sung
Wanderlust the mind of a pure world
Wanders beyond whilst vocals rung
Until the senses whole
As one singing along complete
The eagerness absolute
Joy in passions and calmness
Engaged the spirit and body fly
Wings of the soul bird inside
The creature along he sings
Allowing evermore the tone to ring
O my voice sings
In that mixed music key
The universal harmony
Water's motion crash waves in tune
Stones and rocks stillness rings through
My footing regained in my heart
My spirit soars in the moment of musicality
My abilities now need no longer strain
O such strength
O grand perspective to open my mouth
My words
My song
The song sung sweet
Of universal harmony
Only dear passion can sustain


Anxiety of a Collar Blue

The outside world is affecting me,
Its poison deep seeps into me,
Developing harsh its cancer within,
Symptoms surface felt thin beneath skin,
And I allow worry woe to overcome me,
Living life bred
To work through blind days instead,
Expression tight held back in might,
Aching hands which beg to create,
And struggle for food or amenities light.
Such a life's waste,
Everyday a day away,
For upon few brief moments
Free time to arrive whose chance slips by,
Nothing gets done,
Those plans, that book, my art, this poem,
Bright flashes before nodding away.
Dull shine the mundane existence,
Free moments are a sin,
Considered such by those authority
Whose employment we give in,
Dare you waste a waking eye
In personal sweet revelry.
The outside world has affected me,
Its poison now seeped deep within,
The cancer of working class spreads thin,
I am now addicted to fleeting
Excitements of material pacification,
I am trapped,
I am a life not lived,
I am infected by the disease
Of social being;
I am drone.

The Spilling of a Broken Persona

What Has Been Said, and Said Again

Winds blown winding words
Of faith created blends bled
Into the minds of few that heard
Whispers of the spirits dead
Between the trees,
Between the dreams
We wish to pray,
We wish to live
These days of life through
Pain ahead of joyous play to give
Our lives a life to hold instead
Manipulate all holy words dread,
Man made interpretation disgust to torment
For madmen dreams political madness,
Control to freeze the human progress.
Between so lies some such so free
Shaman anew within this age 
Industry techno militant wizardry,
Starving out the sickening gruel
Force fed upon a world bitter fed,
Believed by all for betterment
To justify its cause for dead.
Where amongst the lands to be
Such person mind as far and flee?
Tastes sweet the spirits dark and dizzy
Energy bereft of social ill might,
Right to touch there light to see
Such people believed are here,
Quite simply seen as you and me,
If only pause in time beyond do we,
For quiet is all
To walk anon concordantly.
Breathe sweet,
Breathe deep,
Such routes within breathe in
A walk of ancients path retreat,
Peace of when a cold world conceived
Itself to death so genuinely,
Succinctly matched a cycle true,
Beauty grand beyond the vein.
Humanity lives but briefly through.

Crossings Uncrossed

Bummer (but not bad)

No debt, yet
      A broken lighter!

   I feel like a hippopotamus
          In the big city,

The green grass
   Cannot be enjoyed.

Deep Sea Spell Casting (unfinished)

A ghost has entered me

A ghost has entered me
Moments before I began to write
This and in the writing writes
Written words written wrong
Written blank and not in song
Stretching brain my mind it longs
To write the written words writ right
Writ strong and posed of hand woven light
But it hurts to write
Hurts to write
My thoughts so tight
So written wronged writing
Might be written wrong after all
For this ghost within is my future me
Coming to haunt what written to call
My me to be the writing dream
Unawakened and withdrawn

Ancient on Red

Her Response to my Passing

I know she cries for me
  Into the Summer skies at night
While gentle drift I slumber through
  The dawn of all
                  eternal light.

coaster 2


I should not give in
                 but rather look
Her eyes of a gentle gaze
Lures me to     the seduction
                 I crave
All thoughts are bound
Tight taut and aware
                to her penetrating
She starves my emotions
And feeds my urges
                sensational teasing
A stirring within
A struggle against sin...

I think I've just given in.

Dimensional Soma

Into Outer Darkness

The midnight
Dark bright
A Lunar eclipse
Fainted dots
White light
The Abyss
Deep in shadows
Of night
An insane approach
Lunacy fright
The last moment
A crack of Light
Dark bright
The midnight
A Lunar eclipse
Vampiric thoughts upon my lips

The Goddess Submits...the Lion Becomes