Locating Tonality (Voice)

My voice how much it sings
Yet to ring that tone
Universal harmony
Only strains myself swift
For short are such abilities
Though practice a benefit
Only dear passion can sustain
The effort of the proper key sung
Wanderlust the mind of a pure world
Wanders beyond whilst vocals rung
Until the senses whole
As one singing along complete
The eagerness absolute
Joy in passions and calmness
Engaged the spirit and body fly
Wings of the soul bird inside
The creature along he sings
Allowing evermore the tone to ring
O my voice sings
In that mixed music key
The universal harmony
Water's motion crash waves in tune
Stones and rocks stillness rings through
My footing regained in my heart
My spirit soars in the moment of musicality
My abilities now need no longer strain
O such strength
O grand perspective to open my mouth
My words
My song
The song sung sweet
Of universal harmony
Only dear passion can sustain

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