La Romantique du mathématicien et Géométrie Ancien

2 dimensional parallel
blends 4th the eight inverted triangles
bent circular round 3rd angles
of deep partial outward insight

When alone the 3rd stickman drawn
steals the hypothesis from me
and the 1st inverted reflective awe
my eyes have not seen since childhood home

Hearing time’s lectures stolen
lies stolen homes horizontal
6th fourths of breath breathed empty
in eyes unfelt of the angles abilities

If then given that when before
walking on space parallel quadrant rhines
to 4th dimensional carousel spun lines
spindled cries of geometric ties left
7 lullabies of theoretical alibies

Goodbye to the lyrical right-angled soliloquies
spoken gently by minds akin
deep within mathematical spiritualties
the stickman has drawn

Angles left circumference cross-paralleled
contradictions to win
the heart of the Number’s sweet dreams

Pour le bord de temps vais-je errent maintenant

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