A Painted Relativity

A wander I stroll
The museum grand and whole
All works I have seen and again been to view
Great works, great moments 
Until this day today, I do see
A new feeling of endearing sublimity
A corner turned quick where what I behold
A beautiful woman pristinely painted bold
This painting so aged but I do not deter
That this young woman's face my heart does incur
To the passion her eyes so colourful seem
And her arms begin reaching out to touch me
My mind plays a trick I surely can keep
Yet her essence is warm, her aura does weep
I cannot be fooled by depictions as such
My relations are stable in skin I can touch
Yet this paint stares at me, such a manner I blush,
Knowing her eyes are the mere slight of a brush
But soon a rush again my emotions arise
Hoping for a pure personality surprise
Her ears if real into them I would sing
If only a dream then great magic I’d bring
And dance through the halls of laughter and light
Holding each other so close by the night
O how this paint captures my soul's delight
A beauty surreal like pale summer nights
But alas I must go and return to my life
A cathartic end dear and a walk back to strife
Until again I ever see her painted eyes free
Forgetting never her feelings on me
As a memory I'll keep though she's never existed
Her skin will survive as mine’s old and twisted.

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