I Smell Lilacs in Autumn

Sweet Spring within
The death of leaves
Arousing strange senses
Confused states of natural bond
What I smell O wait!
What I see
My skin silver of life
Of death mortality bound
I smell lilacs in Autumn
I see flowered bloom amongst
Dead dying trees
Leaves falling surround
A blushed serenity
Sweet beautiful bloomed Spring
Glowing sweet nurturing
Warmth anew and yet
My breath brisk
Of pumpkin burnt air
I shiver
For yet I see lilacs bloom
Sweetly in all honesty
Sweetly of a woman fair
Her sweet love given me undared
Sweet Summer late
                                    that falls away
An essence discrete
Entranced I fall dreaming
Loss of cold feet
I fall asleep upon peat
Tranquility cold dying
The dead colored leaves

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