PJ Bumblesticks

The man slow moves
Dressed in black without attack
A fumbler of magical herbs
And placer of silly smiles
On faces for distant miles
Styles of grace collapse
Before him in might
Of audacity, an encouraging fright
Of tenacity
A blind walk takes he
Oblivious to what he may see
A man with clasped hands held tight
Behind the back
Behind so tight
A blissful air engages
His nose with delight
Lungs light inhaled within him
Towards home goes he
To exhale that air fresh
Indignantly into plain pickle jars
Empty of air except for
His as he coughs upon the floor
Jars closed tight he places
Behind them each a tied bow
Of old shoelaces
One for each breath left within
Each jar his breath hath settled in
Anxiety less his release
Of worry and stress and needless thought
Retreat does he to
His garden groweth fair it do
Forgetting to breathe naught
In his own world sought
By mystics and birds alike
That is a world of no sense
A world of no order
Beyond distortion is his
Ultimate beyond where
The beyond of beyonds
Responds beyond words
Right here so tranquilly
Does he live while gardening
His magical herbs
Potent of mind they disturb
To a world of no sense
No order
The man slow moves
Dressed in black
Without attack
Hands again grasped tightly behind
His back on walk again
While from home away
Mr. Bumblesticks left arrayed
The magical herbs to season
The jars of his breath
Unreasoned to ferment into
Explosion beyond all distortion
Rocking beyond the
Beyond the jars burst
Breath freed to smoke burned deep
Every happy moment
In each jar broken
Free were those breaths to flee
To break the stars from paper cups
Soaking in galaxy juice sweet
All while PJ we find
Stays far behind and walks
And walks and walks unfazed
A paperclip found picks up
Does he and places it in
His pocket
Booms sound light abound
As stars fall behind and
Rise and shine
All is such that was
The message dear Bubmblesticks meant
To incline that we
Find solidarity in magic places
That dare dream of spaces
In between life and humanity
A peanut guide for the blind
PJ Bumblesticks is free
Above the ordinary insane
Another plane of time
As you will find
Awaiting when word sent
Need ask him to make
A sign once again
PJ Bumblesticks, dear man,
You’ve saved us again!

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