My Next Movement

In this moment
I stand
Every direction do I face
At once my next motion
Ultimately unknown until moving
                      to itself,
     my choice to move...
That impulse
That moment I stand before
                                         stepping a forward hand
Before          moving
     in any way.
I relish in what
                          I'm about to do!
It extends into itself
Myself every choice,
Every chance my urge persists
Move swift!       But then
O hesitation bliss
Holds me near dear and not amiss,
From standing still tight
     I choose now moving rightly
And it is in this now it dawns
                                         That frozen moment is gone
Gone before I had gone
     in progress born,
Now every moment is now
The most mystical moment
                      that moves through me it moves
                      to move me
And move us alone...
                                         All must move.
I choose to move again
A joining of motion
Returned to choose again
Here I go….
                                         That impulse again
                                           I freeze and see
Which direction for me
 Is most free.
The surge is in me.

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